The law firm Advokátní společnost Pánek, Beránek, Melichar, v. o. s. was established in 1992. Since the early beginning of its activity, it has been engaged in a practice with the emphasis on business law and labour law. Over the course of the firm’s more than 20-year existence, we have given legal help to a substantial number of commercial companies, cooperative societies, as well as small-scale entrepreneurs and participated in creating new business entities in the Vysočina Region. Further expansion of the firm enabled a higher degree of specialization in more branches of law; currently, the law firm offers standard legal advice in civil, family and criminal law. Moreover, the firm also focuses on housing, real property and bankruptcy law and mergers.

We provide entrepreneurs with long-term legal service as well as one-time consultancy. Besides the common legal practice we offer representation of legal entities and natural persons in civil and arbitration proceedings, representation before state administration bodies, and defence in criminal proceedings.

The law firm ranges among the largest offices in the region with our six lawyers. Our members can therefore be highly specialized but able to substitute for the others when necessary.
For the purpose of providing comprehensive service and meeting the requirements of our clients, we cooperate fully with a tax consultant, an accounting firm, and a distrainor office and with an external accounting auditor.

We provide legal consultancy in Czech as well as in English and German for our foreign clients.