obcanskopravni vztahy

  • Legal advice on legal relations between citizens (with the exception of business relations)
  • Drawing up contracts, agreements and applications to courts and state administration bodies
  • Representation of clients in judicial proceedings, and out-of-court resolution of civil disputes
  • Debt recovery while using procedures for simplifying and accelerating proceedings within the e-justice system and representation in debt recovery proceedings including close cooperation and communication with a distrainor
  • Assessment of solvency of the adverse party
  • Representation of clients in asserting claims for compensation of damage to health and other damage and non-proprietary loss
  • Legal advice and representation in consumer relations (relation manufacturer/ seller/service provider – consumer), asserting claims arising from liability for defects of goods or work, damages, withdrawals from contracts, e.g. in connection with contracts of sale, contracts for work, travel contracts, contracts for the provision of bank or telephone services and online commerce