Mgr. Tomáš Rosický
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Year of Birth: 1973

Education: Právnická fakulta Masarykovy univerzity (Faculty of Law of Masaryk University) in Brno 1991 - 1996

Professional Experience:
Articling Attorney in the law firm from 1998
Attorney and partner in the law firm since 2002

Prevailing Professional Specialization: 
Legal agenda of medium and small enterprises and self-employed persons.
Legal agenda of agricultural entrepreneurs.
Counsel ex officio in criminal proceedings, judicial proceedings concerning juvenile persons
Family law, law governing administrative offences, intellectual property law, especially trade marks

Housing law and rights to non-residential premises: 
Lease, relations to residential and non-residential premises, associations of owners of residential units (condominium), declarations of owners, legal aid in the sale or purchase of residential units with emphasis on legal and financial certainties, contracts including custody of money or documents.
Preparation of lease contracts, representation in disputes over flats, their use, revocation of the right of lease, vacation of residential units, including debt recovery proceedings and representation in distraint proceedings, close cooperation with a distrainor, administrative duties arising from the housing law in connection with accounting and tax affairs in collaboration with an accountant and tax advisor, legal advice for associations of owners of residential units (condominium) or housing cooperatives.

Real Estate:
Transfers of real property – donation, sale
Legal advice on the purchase and sale of real property – legal assessment of contracts
Contracts for the construction, renovation and conversion of real property
Foreign languages used in communication with clients: German, English
Special expert knowledge – technical education

Hobbies: sports, shooting, military history